The Garden in Summer 2017

The summer is a busy time for events also for Mabel’s and as always the garden team are doing their best to keep on top of planting out, hoeing, weeding and watering. The extremes of a very dry April, followed by ferocious winds and then the hottest spell for 20 years has given many plants a hard time.

Despite this the vegetable garden is fully planted up with perhaps the emphasis on flowers this year. Innovative ideas are being put into practice in the vegetable garden.  An area that was overrun with bindweed and enchanter’s nightshade is now covered with a double   layer of mypex. Straw bales placed at intervals are atopped with growing pumpkins and squashes. They are flourishing.


The sweet peas have been slow to cling to their stakes. A ‘cat’s cradle’

of green string has been woven in a pattern across the stakes to encourage them. It seems to be working!

A simple tunnel made of wooden struts and mesh has now been constructed between the greenhouse and the cold frames. The plan is for ornamental gourds to scramble up and over the construction.

New, attractive and innovative things to look out for this summer.

Rose garden

The rose garden is in full flower, with overwhelming scent in the warm sunshine but needing constant dead heading.

The beds in the mulberry garden are planted up, the exception being the medicinal bed. This is still in the research stage and sourcing the required plants.

The new shrubs in the Clay Lane bed are growing on well but the ground elder is still throwing up the occasional leaf. Hopefully by the autumn we should be able to add the perennials.

Our two new volunteers David and Gordon come on a Monday and have weeded the shrub and the geranium bed. The ‘Monday Boys’ are skilled and have done a good job.

Surplus small plants displayed for sale on the terrace are proving popular. It is good to see them going to new homes rather than the compost heaps. ‘Every little helps’ the garden funds.

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