Plant of the Month February 2016

Helliborus argutifolius previously known as Helliborus corsicus and commonly as holly leaved hellebore. It belongs to the Ranunculaceae family and is native to Corsica and Sardinia. Strangely it is not found in near neighbours Italy or France.

It is a bold statuesque perennial plant with evergreen spiny leaflets divided into three. The meaning of argutifolia is sharp pointed leaf. It is hardy and thrives in sun or shade. The flowers are bowl shaped, a pale apple green (Golden Delicious apple) and held in loose clusters. The flowering period is long from January to March. Unlike most hellebores it is a good cut flower.

At Reveley there is a large clump beneath the variegated Golden King Holly near the kitchen. They complement each other. It seeds freely and can be found in other parts of the garden too.

When viewed through low winter sun it can appear luminescent; a stunning sight. The Award of Garden Merit is well deserved.

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