Bushey Museum works with local schools to run 'Victorian Experience' events for primary school children. Both children and event leaders dress in period costume. Through taking part in a Victorian school lesson attended by a school inspector, helping with the laundry and enjoying afternoon tea complete with home-made Victoria spongecake, the children get an appreciation of life in Victorian time.

The event continues to be very popular both with teachers and pupils. If you want your school to take part, please contact Adele Taylor either via Bushey Museum, by e-mail or by phone.

Dear Mrs Taylor,

We are writing today to thank you so much for a wonderfully entertaining and educational day out organised for our Year 3 class to Reveley Lodge.

We wish to congratulate you and your staff on the age appropriate structure and the programme set out for our visit. We appreciated the professional approach, together with a safe and secure environment which enhanced our visit further. We also feel that all the staff interacted with the boys in a way which made education a fun activity.

We enclose a Thank You letter from one of our pupils which confirms how much the outing was liked by all. Our boys thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of their visit and we are sure the boys will be talking about their experiences for a long time to come.

We cannot recommend your facility highly enough and look forward to visiting you again in the very near future.

Head of Year 3 and 4, Northwood Prep

Thank you for providing us Bread and my favourite the Queen Victorian sponge cake. To be honest I didn't like it when you whipped * me. I really appreciate it when you gave us a tour around the house. I also enjoyed looking at the fishs and doing the washing up. The sponge cake was so delicious, sweet and sugary. Also the people who owned the house looked very smart. It was very hard how we had to hold the tea cup and how we had to eat the cake

* pretend!

Thank you for giving us such wonderful time. My favourite activity was washing up the ragged kitchen towels, picknick blankets and night gowns. One of my favourite things at Reveley Lodge was feeling and smelling the over 100 year old soap because its very rare that you could buy 100 year old soap at the shops today. Also thank you for a super historic day. Love from Charlie and the other year 3 boys.

Dear Kind Reveley Lodge, 

Thank you for our visit on the 8th of March. It’s the highlight of the week and you truly went above and beyond. We hope that future Year 5’s will enjoy it as much as we do. Not only will it stay in our minds for a very long time, it will also help us with our Victorian project. Thank you for giving us the Victorian tea and teaching us all about the Victorians, we thought it was very kind of you.

Lots and lots of appreciation,

Class 5D

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